Coal Mining Equipment Manufacturing

The mining equipment manufacturing team of China Coal Group is committed to build a five in one integrated energy services system of mining equipment manufacturing with "R&D, supply, maintenance, leasing, service", which ranked in the forefront of the industry at industrial strength, technical equipment level, product service ability and comprehensive competitive strength.  We will be in the leading position in forming high-end, integrated, intelligent research and manufacturing service capacity of fully mechanized mining equipment, technical level and market share in China, and our products are exported to the United States, Russia, Australia, India, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries and regions.  We have undertaken more than 40 major national science and technology projects, and won more than 140 science and technology awards, such as the first grade of the State Science and Technology Progress Award, the second grade of the State Science and Technology Progress Award, the second grade of the State Technological Invention Award, and the first grade of Provincial and Ministerial Science and technology Progress Award. Promoting the intelligent development of coal mines, we lead the construction of 100 intelligent demonstration and mining faces with different modes or different types of intelligent coal mines, form the intelligent construction standards and norms of coal mines with "four layers, three platforms and ten systems" with China Coal’s characteristics, and improve the level and supply capacity of intelligent manufacturing.