Coal Mining Equipment Manufacturing

ChinaCoal has 6 large coal mining equipment manufacturing bases in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Shijiazhuang, Xi’an, Handan and Fushun. Its main products, such as heavy-duty armored face conveyor, hydraulic roof support, electric shearer, thin coal seam plough, and mining chain have enjoyed leading positions domestically in terms of both technology and market share. ChinaCoal is the initiator in China that has the capability to design, manufacture and provide a complete set of equipments for fully mechanized mining and excavation in coal mines, therefore has played a vital role in promoting and showcasing the improvement of Chinese coal industry in terms of equipment, safety, production volume and efficiency. Insisting on develop equipments of heavy-duty, complete-set and automotive, implementing integrated innovation strategy, ChinaCoal is the initiator in manufacturing a complete set of equipments with 10 million tons output per year which can substitute the imported products completely and has advanced the process of domestic production of coal mining equipments. A complete set of equipments and technology for fully automatic manless working face of thin coal seam has completed underground trial operation, which has bridged the gap to allow for automatic mining in thin coal seam.

Instilled with large scale and modernized development mode, ChinaCoal strives to improve the safe and efficient mechanized mining of both “thin” and “thick” coal seams, and serve the construction of large coal production bases, therefore has played an important role in pushing forward and demonstrating the overall improvement of equipment technology, safety, production and efficiency for the coal industry in China. Currently, the complete set of equipment and technology for thin seam automatic manless working face has undergone industrial trial in underground mines.

In the next few years, to adapt to the trend that coal resources exploration is shifting to the western regions, ChinaCoal will actively serve the construction of large coal bases, and construct coal mining equipment manufacturing parks in Erdos, Yulin and Xinjiang, aiming to achieve the strategic target of becoming “the No.1 in China and a leader in the world”.