Legal statement

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The information contained in the web site is provided by China Coal Energy. Anyone who enters it either reading, downloading, or using any of its information is regarded as in compliance with the provisions which constitute an agreement between him and China Coal Energy. Opponents to the provisions should not use the web site. China Coal Energy preserves the right to amend or update the provisions without warning. The revised provisions have the same binding force.

Rights Claimed

China Coal Energy possesses and preserves ownership of all the contents in the web site, including data, information, layout, design, flow chart, sound, program, etc., their authorship and other rights, under the protection of General Rule of the Civil Law, Authorship Law, Anti-Irregular Competition Law and other laws, regulations, standardized legal documents and related international treaties. Anyone who violates the above rights will be burdened with civil liability, adminstrative or criminal responsibility.

All the web site contents are of a forward-looking nature, especially the possible or estimated performance in future, cost, dividend, income, production level or efficiencey, price, reserves, outlook for China Coal Energy, industrial growth or other trends as well as matters concerning the joint benefit of amalgamation or any income anticipated by the company. As such, they are all uncertain and run risks to some extent. Various factors may cause the development and result to diverge greatly from what is stated and suggested above.

Liability-free Items

We do not provide any guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, on any of the contents in the web site, though we have done our best to screen them. That is to say there is no guarantee on the correctness of the contents, their timeliness, their efficiency, their stability, their feasibility, their non-interference with other people's rights; no guarantee on the stability of the server, on the convenience to browse, read, duplicate and use the web site materials; no guarantee on the accuracy and completeness of the wording, graphic display, data, linkage, indication, narration etc; no guarantee on exclusion of errors in printing, duplication and input. The web site owner is at liberty to change its contents at any time without further notice. He is under no obligation to update the materials when such a change occurs, or to serve a timely notice to the user.

The web site bears no legal liability whatever to damage, whether the accusation is based on contract or violation of rights. The damage refers to any one caused under any circumstances by using the web site contents or by being unable to enter the web-site, whether it is direct, indirect, subsidiary or to a third party, including (without limiting to) loss of profit or information data as well as damage of property etc.

The hyperlink service is for the user's convenience. Other web sites linked are out of our control. Any user who browses the contents of other web sites through our linkage will be regarded as non-user of this web site, which assumes no responsibility for their contents.

Protection of the User's Privacy

We respect the users privacy. Unless permitted we do not collect personal information of the users. We undertake not providing data about a user to a third party without permission, data given us out of service necessity which include the users address, e-mail address and other information.


The agreement ceases to be valid when either party proposes to terminate it. It automatically terminates when the user destroys the software, documents and other related materials acquired from the web-site whether under this agreement or other circumstances.


Any lawsuits or disputes caused by this web-site can be settled by referring to related laws of the Peoples Republic of China, whose revision may cause a corresponding revision of the above provisions if the former renders the latter illegal. Any such revision is to be agreed on by both parties.