Coal Production Sales And Trading

Since 2007, ChinaCoal’s coal output has been exceeding 100 million tons for 6 consecutive years. Our major mining areas in operation include Pingshuo, Liliu, and Xiangning in, Erdos in Inner Mongolia, Datun in, Yulin in, Yilan in, as well as Hami, Jundong, and Yili under construction in Xinjiang. Currently ChinaCoal has a total of coal reserves in control amounting to 45.44 billion tons. We have 17 mines in operation and 28 mines under construction with total capacity of 226 million tons per year. In 2012, the total raw coal production was 176 million tons. ChinaCoal also has 21 existing coal washing plants and 13 coal washing plants under construction with total washing capacity of 246 million tons per year. ChinaCoal has formulated and promulgated the Technological Standards for Safe and Highly-efficient Modern Mine which were above industry standards, and has established 13 safe and highly-efficient mines. Accelerating the construction of a “Green China Coal”, advancing the development of mining areas in a green, cyclic and low carbon way, Pingshuo 100 million tons cyclic economic zone has become a demonstration model nationwide, Antaibao open pit mine as well as Yaoqiao, Longdong and Xuzhuang mines were named the most beautiful mines in. Overseas strategy achieved initial success. ChinaCoal has acquired 1.7 billion tons of premium thermal coal resources in, preliminary work has been carried out gradually.

ChinaCoal has over 30 years history in coal and coke import and export business, and has set up branches and offices in Qinghuangdao,, Rizhao,,, Zhoushan andalong the coast and overseas subsidiaries in,, and Australia. In line with “mega sales, mega logistics and mega network for mega synergy”, ChinaCoal has taken initiatives to establish a market-oriented coal sales and trading network characterized by 2 levels, 3 regions and an integrated operation, therefore has improved the centralized level of coal sales and trading. Since 2005, ChinaCoal’s coal trading volume has been exceeding 100 million tons for 8 consecutive years, which reached 177 million tons in 2012.