Occupational Health

In 2006, the Company formally implemented the “Law on the Prevention and Cure of Occupational Diseases”, and fully facilitated the construction of the system for occupational health and safety management. Coal enterprises such as Pingshuo Branch and Shanghai Datun Energy Resources Co., Ltd. have obtained the certification for occupational health and safety management. Major coal production subsidiaries of the Company have adopted fully mechanised mining, which significantly reduced the workload of the employees, and at the same time, strengthened the prevention and management of occupational hazards, established and improved the safety facilities and monitoring system for controlling dust and poisons in coal mines. In addition, we have persisted in detecting and evaluating the occupational hazard factors on a regular basis, fully implemented the policy requirements on simultaneous design, construction and commissioning and put into operation in respect of occupational disease preventive facilities together with major works of newly constructed projects. Meanwhile, we have established dedicated occupational hazard institutions with full-time personnel, created occupational health monitoring files for staff and regularly arrange staff to receive occupational health examination and recuperation.