Coal-based Chemicals

Based on coal, while extending and exceeding coal, ChinaCoal has proactively extended its business to coal chemical field by focusing on refined coking chemicals and coal-based methanol-dimethylether fuel, ether and olefin. Currently, ChinaCoal’s production capacity of coal based natural gas took the leading position domestically and owned methanol capacity 480,000 tons per year. ChinaCoal Jiuxin with 180,000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 300,000 tons of urea started trial operation. Ordos Tuke synthetic ammonia and fertilizer project will be completed and put into operation soon. The construction of the world’s largest coal conversion project in Erdos with 3 million tons DME and olefin per year has been accelerated.

ChinaCoal plans to construct 3 new type coal chemical bases, namely Inner Mongolia-Shaanxi base (Erdos and Yulin), Xinjiang base and Heilongjiang base as well as coke refined chemical base in Shanxi in future, and becomes one of the key coal chemical enterprises in China.